Xalura (zuh-lure-ah)

a lash brand for the unapologetic artist.

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Created by an Artist

Xalura is the product of an Artist in the industry who was TIRED of other brands being the ones to dictate what lengths, diameters and combinations can be used.

Sydnee McGee is a Master Lash Artist and Lash Educator, serving the industry under her business; Pacific Beauty Cove. Through her career as an Artist and now an Educator, she struggled with finding a quality brand that wasn't afraid to bend the rules.

It's time that our industry breaks the ceiling on creativity, by using top quality products without restriction. Xalura is here to offer just that, so you can be an unapologetic artist.

Lash Education
  • Xalura Professional Lash Supplies
  • Top Quality Lash Products

    Our products were developed for the unapologetic artist, BY an artist and educator in the industry. Xalura guarantees the quality of it's products. All Tweezers are hand-tested, stainless steel, surgical grade, rust-free and corrosion-free. Our quality is held to the highest standard.

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  • Lash Education

    Education is one of the reasons why Xalura exists! Xalura was created by an educator in the lash industry. After years of experience, Sydnee wanted to share her knowledge with other artists. Pacific Beauty Cove provides education to beginners, intermediate artists and even pro artists in the industry!

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