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Xalura was created by the SAME artist that built Pacific Beauty Cove. Sydnee started as a Lash Artist down in the trenches, and has moved on to educate others in the industry!

Sydnee McGee, Lash Educator

Artist to Educator

I started Pacific Beauty Cove LLC back in early 2017 when I was 20 years old.

I graduated from esthetics school in November 2017, and started working for a small salon in Bonney Lake, WA doing lashes a couple of days a week. I never took any formal training classes for lashes, I just picked up on things here and there because I had been told that lash classes were too expensive and they weren't necessary.

That statement and thought process was the one thing that held me back from reaching my full potential early on in my lash career. Everything happens for a reason and I fully believe that I needed to go through that period of my career to appreciate where I'm at today.

In 2019 I took my very first Lash training class through Borboleta Beauty. (took me long enough right!)

I had learned so much new information and honestly became obsessed with learning everything there is to know about the lash industry. I took several more lash courses that year and continued my educational journey.

I'm so passionate about the lash industry that now I want to share my knowledge with other people who were once in my position. I now offer one-on-one in-person trainings and select online courses.

Learn more about the courses I offer over at Pacific Beauty Cove!

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    Pacific Beauty Cove provides exclusive one-on-one in person and virtual training for lash artists and entrepreneurs! Check out the courses offered in person and online.

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