Xalura (zuh-lure-ah)

A lash brand for the unapologetic artist.

  • Drool-Worthy Lash Extensions

    Three different collections, designed to drop your jaw. These collections have been created from extensive industry knowledge and personal preference. Check out the variety of lashes we offer in Mixed Trays.

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  • Hand-Tested Tweezers

    We wanted to create a tweezer for YOUR hands, no matter what fanning technique is your favorite. You are just as unique as your art, and you deserve a tool that will work WITH you, and FOR you.

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  • Premium Lashing Tools

    We have crafted tools that are essential for every lash artist's station! From gorgeous lash tiles, to comfortable Hydrogel eye pads. We have the tools that are ESSENTIAL to concocting the perfect lash set.

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All Products

All Products

Drool-worthy collections of lash extensions, lash tiles, tweezers and more! Browse the... 

Lash Tweezers

Lash Tweezers

Our collection of lash tweezers are individually hand tested, and developed for... 

  • Lashing Accessories

    Xalura provides more than just quality lash extensions. Our product line includes hand tested tweezers, hydrogel eyepads, lash tiles and more.

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  • Lash Artist Education

    Xalura was built by a lash educator, after navigating the industry and seeing something missing. Furthering your education in the industry starts with Pacific Beauty Cove.

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  • About Xalura

    A lash brand for the unapologetic artist. Sydnee has been a lash artist, lash educator, and professional in the industry for over 5 years.

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